What About the Montessori Kids?

Anytime you want to ask students about their schools you expect to get a mixed bag of information.  It depends on the ages of the people involved and many other factors, such as age, geographical location, economic situation or their general mood and attitude.

Arianna was homeschooled and did not come to Montessori until the 4th or 5th grade year since she was about 8 years old.  She liked that there were older kids she could learn with and from and that she could pace herself.  The style of learning helped to create new habits that she felt could be used throughout her life.

Meredith felt she had a careless attitude before going to Montessori and it helped her to focus and gain the trust of her teachers.  She learned to work on the things she knew she needed to learn and she learned how to become a leader and help kids who were having trouble. In the second semester we were given notebooks by our teachers to record what we did each day, she said.  The teachers would decide if we had used our time wisely that week and their monitoring helped me learn to manage my time better and this has stayed with me throughout my life.

These methods of learning have impacted them and many others all their lives and helped them learn how to learn, manage their time and form good habits.

Here are some other Montessori kids that may seem familiar to you:

JEFF BEZOS – Amazon founder has an extraordinary ability to learn from others and is proud of his Montessori roots.

DAVID BLAINE – Illusionist & magician.  He has taken something that’s been around for a long time and created something new and unique with it.

JULIA CHILD – Celebrity chef & author.  Julia had an unusual personality and used her gifts to relate to people everywhere with the love and joy she found in her work.

GEORGE CLOONEY – Academy award-winning actor, director, producer, humanitarian, United nations messenger of peace.  This Montessori preschooler made good.

ANNE FRANK – Memoirist & author.  Anne Frank’s diary is a natural extension of her Montessori education. She learned observation skills and how to record her thoughts in a journal.

How many of our current and future Montessori students will be world famous and valued. Will it be your child or someone you know well?