Top 10 Resources for Preschool or Childcare in the Delaplane, Virginia Area

Making sure your child has adequate,and in top ten Preschool or Childcare in your area and engaging childcare as an infant or toddler is number one on the minds of most parents. They want to know what their child will be doing all day.
Are there games and activities that enrich their mornings and afternoons? It is important to make
a list of what you are looking for including the cost, convenience and how suitable it is for your
child and easy to drop off on the way to work. It’s very easy to go on line and ask for the top ten
resources for Preschool or Childcare in your area. You can check each website and read reviews
and see what they have to offer. When you have a list for 3 or more favorites, make
appointments to visit, tour, talk to some of the teachers and maybe even see classes in session.
These days, many families use to search for in home childcare and they do have a
great reputation. However, if your child is ready to go to school and interact with others, here
are some suggestions. This service will provide a Childcare person to come to your home and take care of
your child or children. Their references are carefully checked and they can be tailored to your
Among the top ten resources for Preschool or Childcare are these examples:

The Goddard School for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.

In the Arlington area,
Goddard’s has a comprehensive curriculum for various age groups designed for individual
learning skills, communication, social interactions bonding with teachers learning about the
world around them using the STEAM method. Goddard’s also offers a summer camp program.
Check them out here
The Minnieland Academy at Kirkpatrick Farms offers similar programs and enrichments for
infants, toddlers and Preschoolers. Call them to make at appointment after you have read
reviews and information on their website at
Mountainside Montessori in Delaplane, Virginia is the premier choice for discerning parents.
The carefully designed classes arranged by age groups allows students to actively engage with
others a little older or younger. Students can learn as they play and teachers guide them through
different steps of learning. Come to our website and view our beautiful campus. There is so
much safe open land for children to explore and enjoy. Serving Infants to children up to age 15,
means that Mountainside Montessori is a popular choice and among the top ten resources for
Preschool or Childcare in your area.

The Montessori teaching method is well respected giving children the opportunity to learn at
their own pace in a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. Here are some other schools
in your area.

Mountainside Montessori School
5.0 (16) · Montessori School
Marshall, VA · (540) 253-5025

Middleburg Montessori School
5.0 (3) · Montessori School
Marshall, VA · (540) 687-5210

The Boxwood Montessori School
5.0 (1) · Montessori School
Warrenton, VA · (540) 347-1679
No website available.

Contact the school closest to you for more information and there are more throughout the region.
Give your children the best education possible and the Montessori Method of teaching is well
known and respected. Check with your local school to see if they have any openings and to ask
for more information.
It’s never too early to get them started on the right path to education. Find a Montessori school
in your area. It’s easy to find public results on the successes of Montessori students and here is a
quick look at some you may recognize.

DAVID BLAINE – Illusionist & magician. He has taken something that’s been around for a
long time and created something new and unique with it to entertain us.
GEORGE CLOONEY – Started as a toddler. Academy award-winning actor, director,
producer, humanitarian, and United nations messenger of peace. This Montessori preschooler
made good.
ANNE FRANK – Memoirist & author. Anne Frank’s diary is a natural extension of her
Montessori education. She learned observation skills and how to record her thoughts in a journal.

This has been a sampling of information to help guide you to the right decision for your child’s education.