It's the Climb

The great things in life never come easily. It is sort of like climbing Mount Everest – imagine the feeling you get when you reach the summit!!! We are not there yet, of course. But we finally got some traction, and we made it over that part where the rocks under our feet kept shoving […]

The Chicken Man Cometh

We were honored by a visit from Harvey Ussery yesterday, widely known in these parts as the “Chicken Man” for his vast knowledge of and advocacy for the birds. He spent more than an hour answering the children’s questions. Then he taught them to clip the wings, herd the flock, and the proper maintenance and composting […]

Free Range Chickens

We already knew the school year would be unlike any other: getting ready for a move, new teachers in the classrooms, new friends to meet and families to welcome. But then there was the crowing. Peeking into the Elementary yard in mid morning revealed two roosters and five hens happily scavenging for bugs in the […]