Community Breakfast (by Courtney, 8th grade student)


September 21 was International Peace Day and the adolescent class had their first Community Breakfast of the year. Although we had a smaller crowd than expected, it was a good experience. 201709_CommunityBreakfastWe did much of the preparation the night before so we felt organized and had less to do in the morning.  We learned how much food we will need for next time, how best to set-up our space, and the responsibilities needed for each person in the class.

Once the breakfast was over, clean-up went very quickly and we were finished in under 15 minutes.  This week we made $154.00 with a profit of $62.00.  We look forward to more people attending our next Community Breakfast and have some ideas for better advertising such as educating new parents at MMS, putting up fliers in town, and seeing if we can advertise in Marshall Minutes.