Earth Village

The Upper Elementary and Adolescent classes engaged in a wonderful outdoor program with Earth Village Education in Marshall on Monday, October 16, 20017.  The program was lead by Kevin and McNeal who are fabulous outdoor educators.  

The group played a couple games that will become new recess activities at MMS.  The two main components of the day were fire building and compass orienteering.  In each activity, the group was split into subgroups of four.  After a fire building lesson, each group was challenged to build a fire that would start with one match.  If you needed additional matches you had to earn them with ten pushups.  Some groups were able to get their flames roaring before others, while some developed sore arms; however, each group persevered and all enjoyed lunch by their warm fire pit.  The second activity was learning to operate and read a compass followed by navigating an orienteering course.  The more actuate the group’s compass reading and pace, the greater success each group had at finding their next clue.  It was a blustery, fall day and wonderful to see the 4th-9th graders working collaboratively as they took on their challenges.  Everyone enjoyed the day and were supportive of one another throughout each activity.