It's the Climb

The great things in life never come easily. It is sort of like climbing Mount Everest – imagine the feeling you get when you reach the summit!!!

We are not there yet, of course. But we finally got some traction, and we made it over that part where the rocks under our feet kept shoving us backward instead of forward. (That would be the four different sources of financing that fell through.) But we never lost sight of our goal and were never deterred.

We got busy fundraising and getting the Mountainside name out in the community. Finding the right property to fulfill our vision took almost a year, and I cannot tell you how much property we looked at in Orlean, Hume, Marshall, and Warrenton. But I do remember arriving at 4206 Belvoir Road and instantly feeling that this was going to be the new home of Mountainside Montessori. It had room for all the students, parents, and whatever else we needed. There was something else there too, and it is hard to explain because it is more like a feeling. It is peaceful, solid, and beautiful. The property needs a lot of work, but it is all there waiting for us.

On October 17, after more than three years of work, sweat, tears, more tears, anxiety, Planning Commission, Supervisors, well drilling, architects, engineers……. WE CLOSED ON OUR FINANCING AND ON OUR NEW HOME. IT IS FINALLY OURS!!

Now we get to sit in the sunshine on the side of the mountain and rest a bit as we take a moment to celebrate and enjoy this momentous occasion.

As you all know, Mountainside’s journey is not about reaching the summit. It is about the climb, and the fun we are going to have getting there because this is our life:
• Watching our children happily go to school each day in specially prepared environments that help them reach their full human potential
• Parents picnicking under the dogwood while their children build stick houses and enjoy all that nature has to offer
• Teachers who joyfully come to work each day because they are motivated, committed, and most importantly supported by the administration, the parents, and of course the community of people who support us in our mission.

So stay tuned and enjoy the climb with us!