What Parents Want From Their Child’s Montessori Education

In our competitive world, most parents start thinking about their child’s Montessori education even before he or she is born.  Considered one of the most important decisions faced by parents, the choice of a Montessori academy or school is dependent on a number of factors and, we’ve put together the top five boxes to be […]

The Parent Trap – What Are The Issues For Today’s Parent?

A recent meme making the rounds on Facebook claims that 90% of being the parent of a young child is continuously asking, ‘Why is this wet?’ Very amusing but, of course, very very far from the truth. Parenting is all about worrying – worrying if the child is healthy, worrying that they are happy and, […]

A world of experience Montessori education

A world of experience As inexpensive travel and a greater understanding of our world become more and more accessible, increasing numbers of children have travelled overseas by the time they are just six or seven. With trips to Europe, Asia and beyond growing in popularity all the time, we believe that helping children to identify […]

The Figures Don’t Lie – Montessori Students Excel

Year upon year, the number of Montessori schools in Virginia is steadily growing as more and more educators switch on to Dr. Maria Montessori’s revolutionary education methods. Living the dream The Montessori Association for Virginia describes Montessori as ‘Everything you think a school should be.  It is an education that considers the whole child – […]

When term time holidays mean a jail term | Montessori Education System

When term time holidays mean a jail term   In recent years, there have been a number of cases in Great Britain of legal action being taken against parents for taking their children on vacation in term time. Following new legislation in the UK, 26 parents were jailed in 2017, depriving children of their parent […]

Montessori Education System

An Education Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts   Today’s Montessori education system is increasingly competitive with schools vying for the top spot in county tables and the best results in tests and exams – even for children as young as six and seven.  Not only does this add considerable stress to the […]