What Parents Want From Their Child’s Montessori Education

Montessori academyIn our competitive world, most parents start thinking about their child’s Montessori education even before he or she is born.  Considered one of the most important decisions faced by parents, the choice of a Montessori academy or school is dependent on a number of factors and, we’ve put together the top five boxes to be ticked when making this incredibly important decision.




First and foremost, parents want to know that, when they entrust their child to a Montessori school, the staff there will be highly experienced i ensuring that the child’s safety is guaranteed.  From playground bullying to lockdown procedures, the safety measures that a Montessori academy or school has in place can be a deal breaker.




Parents of Montessori students want to know what their child’s day will involve.  From academic endeavours to free time and special curriculum items such as agriculture, a good Montessori academy should be able and willing to share with parents the structure of their child’s school day.




Parents need to know that their child will be recognised as an individual and will receive as much attention and care from staff as he or she needs.  From funny little quirks to special needs, it is vital that a Montessori academy is equipped to recognise each child’s unique and individual qualities.




Many parents enjoy being involved in their child’s Montessori education in Virginia including participating in school events and decision making.  Whilst assuring busy parents that it’s not compulsory, a good Montessori academy in Virginia should be able to offer parents the opportunity to become hands-on with school events, should they desire to do so.




As important as these other factors are, the point of a Montessori education is to prepare the child for their academic career.  Most parents will have checked out the school’s academic rating before even looking at the prospectus of a Montessori academy and will often require proof of results before entrusting their child’s future to the school.


There are, of course, other factors to consider when choosing a Montessori academy in Virginia such as location and reputation – many parents find that they immediately ‘get a feel’ for a school on their first visit so it’s worth making an informal appointment with the Principal before going further.