What To Look For In A Montessori Daycare Facility

Daycare Facility

One of the most important decisions a parent will ever make is choosing the right Montessori daycare facility for their child.  It goes without saying that, first and foremost, safety is the priority but, there are also a number of other factors to take into consideration.  First time parents are often baffled by the range of options available when it comes to daycare and find themselves unsure as to which are important. Often when choosing daycare, it comes down to gut instinct but, the following check list will help guide you in choosing the right one for you and your child:


Ask the Manager / Team Leader what precautions they have in place regarding the safety of the children, ie lockdown procedures, identity procedures during pick-up etc. A good daycare facility should be able to give you a comprehensive, printed statement of all safety processes in place.


Whether your child has a food allergy / intolerance, or you just prefer them to eat healthily, it’s important that the daycare facility takes your preferences seriously.  Check that they are prepared to follow your preferences and that your child will not have access to other, unsuitable, foods during their visit.

Sensitive issues

All children develop at different rates – which means that, whereas some children may be potty trained, yours may not.  Should this be the case, discuss this with a potential daycare facility to ensure that it will be dealt with in a sensitive manner.


Just like adults, children will often squabble and fight.  Whether it’s fighting over a toy or competing for attention, conflicts will occur and, you need to know the daycare facilities policies in dealing with it when it does.  If the facility’s attitude toward this differs from yours, it may be a deal breaker.   


When entrusting your child to a daycare facility you will, understandably, want to know what their day will entail  Ask for a detailed description of a typical day in order to get a feel for how proactive and forward thinking they are.  Try to choose a Montessori daycare which offers a wide range of educational and developmental activities rather than one which encourages ‘nap time’ and ‘free play.’

Enrolling your child into daycare can feel like their first step away from you but, choosing a good Montessori daycare facility will enrich your child’s life, encourage friendships and accelerate development.