A world of experience Montessori education

A world of experience

As inexpensive travel and a greater understanding of our world become more and more accessible, increasing numbers of children have travelled overseas by the time they are
just six or seven. With trips to Europe, Asia and beyond growing in popularity all the time, we believe that helping children to identify their own boundaries is of paramount
importance during their Montessori education.

Bringing the world closer

We understand that time and budget restrictions mean that it’s not always possible to schedule trips to London or Bangalore during the school break – which is why we’ve
devised our hugely popular summer camp focusing on travel. Five Days, Five Countries is a five day camp for children aged between 5 and 10 and is
designed to encourage children to explore their world.

During this fun and educational week, children will learn important geography skills as well as taking part in fun activities designed to teach them about other countries and
cultures. Food and social activities from five different countries will be introduced to the children (nothing scary, we promise – absolutely no frogs legs!) including cooking of the
dishes. We’re also delighted to welcome special guests who will engage the children with stories of their own travels to ignite your child’s interest.
For more information about the camp and about accommodation, visit: [insert link]