The Cat Story! (by Nora, 7th grade student)

img_5468The adolescent class of Mountainside Montessori School went on their Odyssey Camping Trip on September 14th. When they got there they started setting up the camp, and Rachael said, “Everyone be quiet”. There was a little kitten sitting right behind everyone. Everyone tried to get a little closer, but the cat kept on hissing and moving back into the bushes. Zoe suggested giving him food. The students gave the cat pepperoni for the first time, and he loved it. We also gave him tuna salad! That night he decided to stick around for dinner. For dinner he was served fresh hamburger, and then he ran into the forest. He came back later that evening while everyone was playing charades, and watched from a distance.

img_5445The next morning during breakfast the cat was practically falling on the kids. He became so friendly and began to really trust us. Abby suggested we take the cat home with us. After many discussions about the pros and cons of having a cat at school, the decision was unanimous! The cat was coming to the school as our new barn cat!


img_1529-1When the cat got to the school we immediately scheduled a vet visit at The Small Animal Clinic at Piedmont Equine. When we got to the clinic, the vet said he was the healthiest stray cat she had ever seen, and gave him all of his shots. She tried to listen to his heartbeat, but couldn’t because of how loud his purr was. He is so sweet and loves to be held and petted by people. Now he is living in the school barn, catching mice, and purring all the time.

George the cat is living a good life at Mountainside Montessori School and is loved by all!