Teaching and Learning through 4-H

The Mountainside 4-H Livestock Club hosted 15 Piedmont Farmers Clover Buds, led by Miss Laura Galante, and their families in a goat parasite education session and tour of Mountainside Farm on Sunday, October 20th. Stuffed animal goats were used to help demonstrate to the children different types of goat parasites. Children were surprised with candy inside the stuffed animal goats which made the activity especially fun. A major highlight of the afternoon was the tour of Mountainside’s Farm. Despite the rain, everyone had fun visiting the animals.

Thanks to Miss Laura for bringing her group.

Thanks to the parents for sending snacks, both Mountainside and Piedmont.

Thanks to Misses Edel and Theo for the use of the Adolescent House.

A big thank you to Miss Lenah from the extension office for teaching our group about goat parasitology so that we could then share that knowledge with the younger members.

-Written by Charlie, a student member of the Mountainside 4-H Livestock Club