Bird Watching

Every morning, the children of Blue House fill the classroom bird feeder and wait with anticipation to see what birds might come to visit.  On this morning, a small group of children gathered excitedly at the window.  One of the children pointed to a visiting bird.  Another child quickly and spontaneously went to her cubby to get her name tag which had a picture of that very type of bird.  The other children did the same and waited patiently to see if they, too, would encounter a match.

Though young, our Primary children are already interested in classifying their world.  They can identify White Throated Sparrows, Eastern Bluebirds, and Red-Winged Blackbirds.  They recognize which friend has the Northern Cardinal on her tag.

The birds became quite used to the children at the window. The children learned if they sprinkled cracked corn on the porch, the Mourning Doves would come and feed very close to the classroom doors.  Some of the children would draw or write their observations in our classroom nature journal.

Curiosity leads to a love of nature and the outdoors. What a nice way to spend a school day!