Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and connect with nature. The camp at Mountainside Montessori blends experiential learning, exciting games, scientific inquiry, mindfulness and relaxation activities, and lots of outdoor discovery in ways that will inspire even the youngest naturalist!

Throughout each week, campers will enjoy the relaxed routine of summer camp. Campers will experience the school farm by beginning their mornings completing farm chores, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. Throughout the day, they will enjoy new learning experiences in both the classrooms and the beautiful outdoor environments. Campers will join together daily to prepare a mid-morning snack to share. Full day campers will enjoy picnic lunches each day.

We offer themed weeks that fit the needs and interests of Primary and Elementary children as well as Adolescents. Our camps incorporate Montessori principles that foster independence and freedom with responsibility for all ages. Please download an informational flyer and registration form on our Forms page.

Memorabilia Mania

June 4-8, 2018

Ages 5-10

Preserve your memories and collections!

Students will create family and self-portraits, keep journaling scrapbooks, make handmade frames for their favorite pictures, and decorate books and boxes to preserve beloved collections like Pokemon cards, sports cards, letters, etc. Our memorabilia camp will show students how to preserve their memories in new, fun, and creative ways!

Color Your World

June 11-15, 2018

Ages 5-10

Paint the week with color!

Students will experience painting using a variety of tools (brushes, straws, toothpicks, branches, and fingers) on a variety of canvases (paper, rocks, and faces!). Our painters will not only experiment with color and media, but will hone their fine motor skills and artistry.

Hands-On Science

June 18-22

Ages 5-10

What, How, and Why?

Students will create, experiment, observe, and learn something new each day! They will explore scientific concepts and practices, including the three states of matter, measurement, sound, and optical illusions. Students will also dive into the concepts of density and salinity during their study of our oceans.

All Ball

June 25-29

Ages 5-10

Have a ball with new ball games!

Students will learn and play new ball games each day like Bocce ball and Beach Ball Volleyball. Fun spherical shaped snacks will be enjoyed each day and self-portraits of campers playing the different sports will be compiled into mini albums with personal comments. We’ll round out the week’s fun with parachutes and water balloons!

Fun with Food

July 9-13

Ages 5-10

In this fun five-day camp, the young chef will practice essential kitchen skills mastering the fundamentals of cooking and baking. They will practice mixing, measuring, and basic chopping skills as well as rolling and decorating techniques. Our chefs will also learn all about kitchen and food safety and nutrition while creating their fun and fabulous foods!

Five Days, Five Countries

July 16-20

Ages 5-10

Explore our world!

A world explorers camp is a great way to teach geography skills and expose children to other cultures. Students will develop a love for exploration and a respect for other lifestyles as they explore life in the countries of Ireland, Mexico, Indonesia, India, and Tanzania. Students will make and taste test traditional foods and hear stories from visitors who have traveled to or lived in these beautiful countries. 

Fun with Science

July 23-27

Ages 5-10

Let’s experiment!

Young scientists will discover the satisfaction of learning scientific concepts by using their hands!  Demonstrations, experiments, and dissection activities are the core around which discussion and exploration will revolve.  Children will get a sampling from a variety of different subjects, such as chemistry, biology, and physics, during morning and afternoon work periods.  The days will be rounded off by lunch and outdoor play time.  Materials are included with the registration fee.

Exploring the Rainforest

July 30 – August 3

Ages 5-10

Discover our world’s rainforests!

Through story, art, and activity, campers will discover the amazing world of the rainforest. They will learn about the various ecosystems found in each canopy layer and create works inspired by their great beauty!

Crafty Construction 

August 6-10

Ages 5-10

Practice your building skills!

Using basic supplies, students will build not-so-basic creations, including model playgrounds made with marshmallows and toothpicks, tunnel slides made with paper rolls, and tower structures constructed of balloons and straws. Creativity with raw materials will be encouraged and students will be limited only by their imaginations!