Exploring Mountainside Montessori School in Marshall Virginia

Mountainside Montessori School in Marshall VirginiaDeciding how to choose a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Their whole future depends upon it.  Here is this bright new mind, eager to learn and experience life and excited to become a big kid and go to school.  Their siblings, family members and neighbors are students and it will be their turn now.  What to choose – public, faith-based or private, local or boarding?  Which have the best academic records?  Do some homework and explore your options.  What does your child want? Most kids want to have fun and be excited about what they are doing.

Mountainside Montessori School does that and more with an educational concept founded on the belief that all children have a natural love of learning and they want to encourage their independence and respect for themselves and others.  They strive to create an environment of supportive nurturing to enable children to be responsible and engaged citizens as they are growing up.  Staying in touch with nature as well as providing tailored class room lessons paves a way to learn and enliven students throughout the day.

Take the opportunity to review their website at https://mountainsidemontessori.com/Learn more about their teaching methods and programs.   Watch the video and read about the staff with exceptional teachers, their experiences and education.  See all the amenities and opportunities the beautiful Mountainside Montessori campus affords its students.  This is truly a unique opportunity for students to learn in a variety of settings.  You will hear comments from students, teachers, staff and parents.  Prospective parents are encouraged to make an appointment for a Child Observation Visit. Go to the website to find out more.

Class rooms are specifically designed to allow children to learn at different age groups without over stimulating them.  They are able to concentrate on tasks in their own space, of their own choosing and at their own pace rather than being distracted by the environment and experience a blend of freedom and self-discipline in a place specifically designed to meet their developmental needs.

While on our website, take note of the beautiful natural surroundings just minutes from I-66, Northern Fauquier County, Marshall and the Plains and allowing access for children throughout the school day for a balanced class and fresh outdoor educational experience.  We are in the heart of our Nation’s capital with history all around us.

Programs for infants and toddlers, primary, elementary and adolescents and even extended daycare and summer camps are available.  Tuitions can be paid annually or monthly and there are discounts for siblings and are currently ranging from $5,000 for toddlers to $12,000 for adolescent students.

While traditional schools close for the summer, Mountainside Montessori offers a Summer Camp program to keep kids occupied and still learning, active and having fun.  They might start out the day doing farm chores such as feeding animals or collecting eggs or later taking a nature walk and learn about different plants and surroundings.  It is definitely a way to stay active and healthy.

The Montessori concept does not expect you to wait until your child is school age to connect with us.  Start with our Parent/Infant classes twice a week that will help you learn with your child and help you prepare and understand our philosophy of learning and growing together. By the time they are ready to start school, you will be too.  Our teaching involves the whole family and we want you and your child to have every opportunity available.  Let our staff and teachers and methods help you prepare your child to have the best education possible.

That is why Mountainside Montessori is here – to give you the best.  Here is where you can find us again https://mountainsidemontessori.com/.