Benefits of a Montessori Education

All forms of education offer a benefit to someone.  Mountainside Montessori takes this very seriously.  Mountainside Montessori provides an opportunity for children to develop individual potential as responsible, competent, and respectful citizens with an understanding that learning is for life.

Every child is a unique individual.  Our education recognizes that children lean in different ways, at their own pace each advancing through the curriculum when he or she is ready, guided by their teacher with an individualized learning plan.

Beginning at a young age, students learn to develop order, coordination, concentration and to be independent. Materials, routines and class design help encourage their ability to educate themselves and think about what they are learning from toddlers to adolescents.

Multi-age classrooms spanning 3 years, students are part of a close, caring community, like a family structure.  Older students enjoy mentoring and younger ones feel supported and confident.  Teachers show respect, kindness and foster peaceful resolutions.

Teachers set parameters for students who actively decide what their learning focus will be.  Their curiosity and interest will sustain their joy of learning during their lifetime.

Students learn to actively seek answers to their own questions. By learning to evaluate their own work and finding and recognizing their errors they become self-directed learners, will be critical thinkers and act boldly with confidence and    enthusiasm.  This is a necessary skill for the 21st century.

Montessori’s Core Components

Teachers are properly trained in Montessori methods.  A teacher is a guide, mentor and observer who prepares the classroom for children with appropriate materials based on development, interests and abilities.

Multi-Aged classrooms enable younger children to learn from older ones and learn new challenges.  Older children act as role models and develop leadership skills.

Didactic Montessori Materials that are scientifically designed and beautifully crafted to entice touching and teaching of a single skill or concept.

Child Directed Work with classrooms designed to arouse curiosity and work in a calm environment as an individual or in a group setting.  Teachers are guides or mentors.

Uninterrupted Work Periods allow children to work in their selected tasks at their own pace.  They select the task, work on it, clean it up and return it to its original position, then select another task or responsibility.