Elementary Program

Welcome to the Mountainside Montessori Elementary classroom! In the Elementary program at Mountainside, students from 6 to 12 years old continue their journey from the Primary classroom, learning and developing academic, personal, and social skills that they will use throughout their lives. In addition to developing their minds, the students learn to work with others, collaborate to find solutions, and work within their classroom community to establish an environment that is respectful and peaceful for all its members.

At Mountainside Montessori, Elementary students are also a part of a unique vision that includes a connection to the land, from time spent free to explore and play outdoors, to our care of animals and sustainable farming.

The Montessori curriculum is designed so that each child is allowed to progress at a rate that encourages mastery of a subject, while allowing further exploration of a child’s special interests. It is a fully inclusive program, allowing students of many different abilities, ages, and interests to come together in their learning.

Students take responsibility for their learning by scheduling their activities, attending lessons, collaborating on larger projects, and maintaining a close relationship to the guide, or teacher, who motivates, inspires, and helps direct learning. The flexibility in a school day allows the students to learn to manage their time and to pursue interests in greater depth.

At any time, you may see students working individually at a table or rug, working with other students on a project, attending a lesson given by the guide, or helping another student in the classroom with an activity. The students are free to move about the class to ask questions, get materials and supplies, or just check in with a friend.

The Montessori Math and Geometry curriculum, along with the unique Montessori materials, provides a solid foundation of math concepts and operations. Through the use of materials, students understand how numbers are manipulated through the various mathematical operations, and then apply this understanding as they progress to working without materials, mastering concepts abstractly.

The Cultural curriculum, which encompasses Biology, Botany, Zoology, Geography, History, Earth Science, Life and Physical Science, and Ecology, is a rich part of our classroom. It begins when the students are introduced to the “Five Great Lessons”: The Creation of the Universe, The Coming of Life, The Story of Humans, The History of Language, and The History of Our Number System. Through these lessons, the students begin to understand how the world is connected and how it came to be over millions of years. Discussions, individual interests, and research are all fostered through the Cultural curriculum and its many lessons throughout the Elementary years.

Additionally, because students are encouraged to pursue their interests and further their learning, Mountainside offers a vibrant Going Out program, which allows students access to community resources and further enables them to develop and refine social skills and self-reliance.